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Eine US-amerikanische Mailingliste zum Thema Zeugen Jehovas, berichtet unter Hinweis auf Internetquellen:

über einen Zeitungsartikel der "Post" in Lusaka, Sambia vom 21. 12. Demzufolge sei die Frau des noch amtierenden Präsidenten Chiluba "ins Gerede" gekommen. Kommentierend fügt diese Mailingliste dann noch an, dass die erste Frau des südafrikanischen Staatsmannes Nelson Mandela, der sich später wohl neu verheiratete. Das besagte Frau Mandela (Nr. 1) zusammen mit Nelson Mandela, zeitweilig ein von den Zeugen Jehovas angebotenes sogenanntes "Heimbibelstudium" absolvierte. Seine erste Frau sei tatsächlich Zeugin Jehovas geworden, nicht aber Nelson Mandela selbst. Knackpunkt für ihn war offenbar die politische Abstinenz der Zeugen:

JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES TIE TO ZAMBIA'S 1ST LADY & GOVERNMENT SEX SCANDAL: The Post of Lusaka, Zambia, dated December 21, 2001, relates that Zambia's first lady Vera Chiluba has sued Lusaka businessman Archie Malie's ex-wife Tungwa for libel and is claiming a minimum of K5 billion from both the state owned and government controlled Times of Zambia and Daily Mail. According to a letter by her lawyers to Tungwa dated December 18, Vera stated that the latter's claims that she (Vera) had ruined her marriage via a love affair (Tungwa's) were unfounded, as well as claims that Vera hid behind claims that Archie was a business associate and that she gave him a lot of gifts including 2 peacocks stolen from the State House. Vera's family spokesperson said they were seeking justice and "We have nothing to hide save to ask that the first lady be left to lead her private life in humility and humbleness for we give praise to Jehovah God." (

This new revelation becomes even more interesting when we note that a lead candidate in the race to succeed President Chiluba has been Levy Mwanawasa, who is a Bible study of Jehovah's Witnesses and whose baptised Jehovah's Witness wife Maureen was disfellowshipped recently because she had signed a petition saying her husband would make a great presidential candidate. Apparently in Zambia there are some rather significant ties between the officials of the Watchtower Society religion over JWs and the nation's top political leaders. It is not known if First Lady Vera Chiluba is herself a Jehovah's Witness, although this appears to show that at least some of her family members are. The first wife of Nelson Mandela of South Africa, long prior to Minnie Mandela studied along with Nelson Mandela to become JWs; she did become a JW but he did not because believing that it was necessarily for Christians to also work for positive Christian improvements. Many African nations have battled against violent offshoots from the Watchtower Society called "Kitawali" meaning simply "Watchtower" movement, who have been silent murderers in the dark, whose origins date back to the days of first Watchtower President CT Russell.